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Win or Lose – The Post-Pitch Questions To Ask

Win That Pitch Questions To Ask Post Pitch

Win or Lose – The Post-Pitch Questions To Ask

More often than not, pitching will require a lot of hard work from you and your team. Every hour you spend on the pitch, from the point you review the brief to writing the proposal and presenting to the client, should be considered an investment in your business. Ideally, this investment will get a financial return when you win your client, but sometimes things may not go your way, so you need to make sure that investment doesn’t go to waste. So how do you do that? Well, the most important thing you can do is learn from your pitch so you can improve next time around.

So before you even begin your pitch, you should consider asking your clients if they would fill in a post-pitch questionnaire for you. The majority of them will happily oblige and, as a general rule, the ones who do mind (without a good reason) are probably not worth pitching for.

You will find that win or lose, most clients will give you some valuable feedback that you can take with you into the next pitch. Given you will be asking your prospective client for feedback post-pitch, i.e. when the process is over with, you need to be considerate of their time. So try to keep your questions short and purposeful.

So what should you ask? In our latest training product ‘How To Win: The Ultimate Professional Pitch Guide’ we investigated and shared a detailed checklist of questions to consider asking with additional advice on the full post-pitch experience.

As a quick glance guide, here are five key questions to ask below:

1. Find out if your pitch adequately matched the description of the brief?

2. Ask what you could have improved upon?

3. Find out what the client liked/dislike about our pitch?

4. How do our prices compare with others?

5. What was your overall impression of us?

6. Is there any other feedback you would be happy to share?

Asking questions post-pitch is an essential process for any pitch you do, and can also help dispell any wrong assumptions you or your team may have had on why you really won (or lost) a pitch.

If you would like to find out how we can support you with any of the topics raised in this blog post, or need help with a pitch, please get in touch at or call on 0800 0293739.

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