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Briefing and Pitch Management


Are you about to embark on finding a new supplier, agency or partner? We can help you with the writing your ideal brief to ensure you cover all the important details and get the most out of the pitch process.

Our experience helping organisations write winning proposals and delivering their perfect pitch means we can help you provide the right information during the pitch process so you can make the right choice and get the best possible outcome.

We can help with a range of brief development and pitch support activities including:

  • Brief, tender or Request for Proposal (RFP) writing training and workshops.
  • Hands-on support writing your brief.
  • Briefing template development.
  • Pitch process development and support.
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When working with suppliers, teams or agencies, what you put into your brief, tender or RFP will determine what comes back. So making sure you and your team can write a strong brief is the most critical part of the process.

Our training is tailored to inspire teams to be their best, every time, by applying the latest thinking on how to write a clear, concise and goal driven brief. Participants will be asked to complete a short pre-training questionnaire.

All participants will leave their training session with an understanding of why the briefing process is so important, how to develop a strategically-led brief and greater understanding of what needs to be included in a brief to ensure your suppliers, teams or agencies can deliver the right response.

  • Identifying what information the brief needs to include.
  • Ability to communicate the purpose of the brief and expectations of the response.
  • How to plan a briefing process and what suppliers, teams or agencies will be expecting from you.
  • Techniques for defining strategic and tactical objectives.
  • Best practice techniques for improving the efficiency of your briefing process.
  • Recommendations for setting success criteria and managing the approvals process.
  • Development of selection criteria & scorecards.


Building upon our experience delivering pitches we understand how to get the best out of suppliers, teams and agencies. 

Our experts can provide consultancy and hands-on brief, tender or RFP writing support to ensure you get your briefing right, and avoid common mistakes which can have consequences far into the future.

We can support you with developing briefs one-on-one or run workshops to ensure all your team’s requirements are clearly captured and communicated in your brief including the development of selection criteria & scorecards.

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A consistent and thorough briefing template is essential if you regularly write briefs for suppliers, teams and/or agencies.

Our bespoke briefing templates provide a foundation built upon best practice, combined with elements specific to your organisations needs to ensure you get the right result, every time.

Your templates will be created to ensure all your procurement and process rules are included. This will ensure you can be confident you don't have any surprises during the pitch process or following the contract being signed.


Running a full pitch process can be time-consuming and often has many moving parts at any moment in time. Our full brief development and pitch support process helps make your life easier because we can do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what really matters.

We can help you run the pitch process from beginning to end, to ensure you can focus on making the right decision. Our pitch process support can include some or all of the following activities:

  • Briefing development and strategy.
  • Identification of relevant suppliers or agencies to receive the brief or request for proposal.
  • Outreach to suppliers or agencies including managing relationships and meeting schedules.
  • Reviewing responses and proposals to support shortlisting criteria.
  • Supporting the organisation of pitch meetings including providing notes for attendees.
  • Independent feedback and impartial recommendations on suppliers or agencies to assist with decision-making process.
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Find out how we can help you manage your RFP, Tender, PQQ, proposal or pitch process. We will help make sure you make the right supplier decision so you can focus on your day-to-day priorities.