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Presentation training


We help individuals and teams become confident presenters and deliver successful pitches.

Our training and coaching services are built upon a solid foundation of real world, practical experience in global, £multimillion pitches and high profile presentations and speeches.

Our services will help you:

  • Gain confidence when presenting or giving a speech.
  • Learn tools and techniques to deliver a brilliant pitch every time.
  • Understand how to craft engaging stories and techniques that engage and convince your audience.
  • Learn how to sell an idea, product or offering with ease by building upon your existing skills and learning techniques so you don’t feel like you are selling.
Win That Pitch Academy
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Our courses are Continued Professional Development (CPD) Accredited. This will allow attendees to receive an official certificate and CPD points for attendance.

Win That Pitch Presenting At Speaker Presentation Workshop


Become a confident presenter in any scenario with our training workshops and gain CPD accreditation and points for your career.

This presentation training course will take you through all the techniques used by people who deliver pitches day-after-day through to tips from those who regularly speak on stage.

  • Learn how to present with confidence.
  • Find out practical techniques to engage with audiences, big and small, to communicate with gravitas. 
  • Develop skills for storytelling and selling with ease.


We can help your team prepare to deliver a perfect pitch by learning techniques from senior experts with proven track records of winning. Our pitch training workshops  provide support with activities including:

  • Deciphering the brief and knowing what questions to ask at the start of the sales process
  • Techniques for developing a successful proposal or bid including developing creative concepts, researching ideas and writing content.
  • Pitch presentation development including help with storytelling, Powerpoint development and ideation.
  • Developing compelling budgets and learning how to sell effectively.
Win That Pitch Presentation Training Session
Win That Pitch Helping Advise Startups On An Investment Pitch


We can help you individually with one-on-one coaching ranging from improving your confidence and skills presenting through to support with developing your leadership when growing your business, agency or start-up. Coaching can include:

  • Goal setting and achieving personal, career and business objectives.
  • Regular one-on-one sessions.
  • Access to roundtables, peer-based groups and latest research.


If you have an urgent presentation or pitch coming up, or need some immediate coaching to reassure you that you are doing the right thing, we can help now.

Our expert pitch advisors  can help you remotely to offer you advice on your immediate activity.

Our experts time can be booked in one-hour time slots, and if very urgent, can be reached in under 12 hours.

Win That Pitch - Helping Clients With Urgent Pitch Or Presentation Support


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