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We believe everyone should be able to feel confident when presenting, pitching and public speaking. We also know that successful pitch processes can deliver success for everyone involved, from the pitch team to the client, investor or partner. That's why we will be regularly sharing free ebooks on a range of topics across every aspect of sales, pitching, presenting and public speaking. Download free presentation and pitch ebooks and resources below.


Visit regularly for updates and new presentation and pitch ebooks on a range of topics to help you present with confidence and pitch to win, everytime. 

If you have a specific topic you would like us to create a Win That Pitch ebook please get in touch directly. Just email our founder Dean Russell at and we promise we will respond to any ideas.

Win That Pitch EBook 7 Deadly Sins Of Pitching Cover

How To Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins of Pitching

Find out the most common pitch and presentation mistakes along with how to identify them and avoid them.

Win That Pitch EBook Overcoming Presentation Nerves

BREATHE! How to deal with presentation nerves

Learn practical and easy to follow techniques to avoid presentation nerves and anxiety and become a confident speaker.

Win That Pitch EBook Writing Your Ideal Brief

6 need to know rules for writing your agency brief

Learn how to write your best brief so that your agencies, suppliers or teams know exactly what you want and can deliver successfully.