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We offer a full range of services to support businesses, agencies and start-ups pitch. In addition to our training and coaching we offer consultancy services ranging from an audit and review of your existing sales and pitch processes right through to creative support to make your proposal and pitch materials look amazing.

We can help with individual activities as projects, through to retainer packages for full-service support so you always have a team on-hand to help you succeed. This includes:

  • Strategic support including audits and reviews of your existing sales and pitch processes through to access to experts for must-win pitches.
  • Hands-on support with access to senior pitch experts and mid-level and junior team members to help you succeed.
  • Creative and design support covering the development of your sales materials such as proposal and pitch templates, through to help designing bespoke pitch materials.



Let us know when it would be convenient to get in touch for a FREE 20 minute appointment. The complimentary appointment will connect you to an expert who can provide advice on any presentation, proposal or pitch related enquiries.

You can also give us a call right now on:

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You can also give us a call right now on:

+44 (0)800 029 3739 

Or use Skype by clicking the link below:


We provide a range of training, workshops and bootcamps covering the full pitch process as well as specific programmes around presenting with confidence and brief writing.

Our courses are currently under review for Continued Professional Development (CPD) meaning attendees will be awarded certification and CPD points for completing the course.

Audits & Reviews Win That Pitch
Win That Pitch Checklist Audit Based Upon How To Win


Our pitch audit services provide an in-depth review of your sales, proposal and pitch processes and documents.

We will help you identify what works, what’s missing and make recommendations based on best practice.

Our audits & reviews apply the practical insights from ‘How To Win: The Ultimate Professional Pitch Guide’ providing recommendations based on best practice techniques to increase your sales conversions.


Sometimes we all need an extra pair of hands to help us succeed. That’s why we provide consultancy and hands-on pitch support to help provide the right resources for you to win that pitch.

We provide access to a range of pitch experts at all levels of experience, including:

  • Senior strategists to support the development of a powerful pitch outline and plan.
  • Mid-level and junior pitch teams to expand your team to support the day-to-day proposal and pitch delivery.
  • Creative design resources to make your documentation and presentation look beautiful.

Audits & Reviews Win That Pitch
Win That Pitch Creative Designer Developing Proposal & Pitch Designs For Client


Making your proposal and pitch documents unique and memorable is essential if you want to succeed.

That’s why we offer design support to develop bespoke, branded templates that will bring your pitch to life.

Don’t risk relying on the same downloadable templates your competitors are using when pitching. Our creative team can design compelling unique sales materials that bring your product, service or ideas to life from the proposal to the pitch and beyond.


We also offer packages of services on a project or retained basis.

Our packages are tailored for specific types of organisations, providing cost-effective support to help individuals and teams prepare for success.

Use the links below to find out more about our packages:

Win That Pitch Packages For Agencies, Businesses and Startups
Win That Pitch Providing Hands On Consultancy Support


Are you about to embark on finding a new supplier, agency or partner? We can help you with the writing your ideal brief to ensure you cover all the important details and get the most out of the pitch process.

Our experience helping organisations write winning proposals and delivering their perfect pitch means we can help you provide the right information during the pitch process so you can make the right choice and get the best possible outcome.


Get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your organisation by converting more prospects into clients and customers.